Tom Owens talks Skyrunning UK

Tom Owens at Trofeo Kima 2012 ©

Tom Owens at Trofeo Kima 2012 ©


Tom Owens (Salomon) has been missing for most of the 2013 season due to injury. His 2012 season was quite incredible as he performed at the highest level in some of Europe’s toughest races… Zegama-Aizkorri, Sierre-Zinal, Trofeo Kima and so on. I asked Tom how he is feeling as the 2013 season comes to a close?

Tom Owens Sierre-Zinal ©

Tom Owens Sierre-Zinal ©

‘Yep, I am doing good thanks. Running most days but lacking confidence descending in the hills & on rough terrain but this will come in time. I am back on the speed work again. I am loving cycling, I have been on the road, doing cyclocross and even been on the velodrome! I am going to keep cycling going over the winter to mix it up and also because I have nothing to aim for running wise until 2014! ‘


It’s an exciting time for Skyrunning in the UK, how would you describe Skyrunning?


‘It is all about long adventures in the mountains. Moving fast and free over amazing landscapes and often-technical terrain. Courses are marked and often with aid stations. Competition is high and to achieve at the top of the sport you need to be multifaceted.’


The UK is not an obvious place for Skyrunning as we don’t have the high mountains and altitude but we can offer an introduction to the Skyrunning ethos, what are your thoughts?


‘Skyrunning UK offers a great opportunity, we already have the main ingredients; with technical terrain, beautiful mountains/ hills and some absolutely classic long fell races. The UK has brilliant and committed athletes who love racing on this terrain.  What we are lacking are the marked courses that Skyrunning requires. If we can crack this then poor navigators (like myself) will have more of a chance 😉 but I realize this will be the most controversial element, particularly with the die hard fell running community. We also don’t have the required altitude that a Skyrunning race would require but this is compensated for with the amount and steepness of climb that we can accumulate over distance.

I’d love to see international runners competing against us on our terrain. I appreciate Skyrunning UK will be a new departure…It’s an exciting prospect!’

Tom Owens ©



About Skyrunninguk

The principal aim of Skyrunning UK is the direction, regulation, promotion, development and furtherance of Skyrunning activities on a UK basis via the Skyrunner UK & Ireland Series.
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  1. enjoyed the read good to know that he’s on the rd to recovery. Now how can we convince other that the UK is the place to bring Skyrunning . I have just put on a trail race out side the Glasgow area The Antonine Trail Race 13.8 miles of marked route using the small but great hills I would love to be involved in introducing more runners to Skyrunning . check out our web site see what we are doing .

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