Ryan Maxwell (NI Running) joins the athlete commission


Ryan Maxwell 2

Ryan Maxwell (NiRunning – Northern Ireland Running) joins the team to help guide and influence Skyrunning UK

Based in Northern Ireland, Ryan Maxwell started running ten years ago; the endurance enthusiast improved quickly and  although proving himself to be a consistent performer within the local running scene, Ryan is now better known for his in-depth knowledge of running throughout Ireland.

After suffering a serious back injury in 2012, Ryan used his time away from sport to set up a running website, focussing on running in Northern Ireland and Northern Ireland based runners competing elsewhere.  In a short time, his website, www.nirunning.co.uk has become the country’s top running information source, attracting interest from several major national brands.  NiRunning is best known for its in-depth coverage of events, in-race updates, social media presence and speedy service. 

Ryan also contributes to various magazines, newspapers, radio shows and assists race organisers with their events, as well as organising his own; this started with the NiRunning Mile, a track event, and has now extended to trail and road races, with the view to adding a mountain/fell race to the calendar, ensuring that NiRunning live up to their ethos of covering all terrains and distances.

Having been introduced to Skyrunning by his brother, Justin Maxwell, an international ultra-runner for Northern Ireland and Skyrunning World Series participant, Ryan is now a keen follower of the World Series and feels that the extreme nature of the Skyrunning events allow competitors to push themselves to the limits against the world’s best athletes, whilst taking in some of the most amazing scenery in the world.

The creator of NiRunning believes that bringing Skyrunning to the UK will open a new door for the brand and will attract some of the UK and Ireland’s most talented mountain/fell and endurance runners – athletes who have the potential to perform well on the world stage – to the world of Skyrunning; thus, increasing the level of competition, not only at podium level, but throughout the field

About Skyrunninguk

The principal aim of Skyrunning UK is the direction, regulation, promotion, development and furtherance of Skyrunning activities on a UK basis via the Skyrunner UK & Ireland Series.
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1 Response to Ryan Maxwell (NI Running) joins the athlete commission

  1. robsanderson1 says:

    Hi I am the race planner for AdventureZoneScotland.com for the past two years i.e. Antonine Trail Race a 13.8 mile race which follows the forestry trails & paths with two hills as part of the route can you please tell me the criteria for event to be excepted to Skyrunner UK

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