TURNIA Skyrunner UK and Ireland 2020 Series Medal

New for the 2020 Skyrunner UK & Ireland Series.


For those runners who complete four races or more in one racing year.

TURNIA is a unique winning medal award made of coloured layers of perspex (a layer per race) which join together to make your own unique medal. Layers can be added at anytime.

The individual coloured layers reflect the course profile of the race you have completed.

Quite simply, the GPX profile data for each of the Skyrunner UK & Ireland races is visualised using an algorithm and then transferred into a circular format that will provide a unique 3D medal layer in a semitransparent material. Each layer, represents a race in a different colour. Unscrew the holding pins and layers (races) can be added.

One medal but many unique and individual stories told in layers.

Finish four races (or more) in one year of the Skyrunner UK & Ireland Series and we will present you with your own individual medal – A 3D object that represents your commitment to the series and celebrates your success.

We wonder, can anyone create the ultimate medal with every layer?

How do you achieve this unique piece of art?

Simply enter four or more races in one season and then complete them. Request a form from the Skyrunner UK & Ireland team and complete the form ticking the appropriate races finished with your finishing time and finishing position. TURNIA will then create your own individual medal (presented in a box) which will be posted to you when the race season has furnished.

Colours will change for each racing year, so, there will always be an incentive to have an individual medal, year-on-year.

Optional Package:

If you’d like the ultimate unique medal for each race, for a charge, TURNIA can also transfer data from any race (heart rate, vertical gain/ descent, speed and distance for example) All you need to do is ensure you wear a suitable watch to record the data required. After the race, send us the data and we can then create a multi-layered medal that reflects just your race in full colour!

TURNIA is a truly unique way to celebrate ones success!

About Skyrunninguk

The principal aim of Skyrunning UK is the direction, regulation, promotion, development and furtherance of Skyrunning activities on a UK basis via the Skyrunner UK & Ireland Series.
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1 Response to TURNIA Skyrunner UK and Ireland 2020 Series Medal

  1. Does one of the 4 races need to be in Ireland to qualify for the medal? Does the medal cone at a cost?

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