Calendar 2019

UK & IRELAND Series 2019

The Skyrunner ® UK & IRELAND series has been implemented as of 2019 and at the end of the year a male and female champion will be crowned. To qualify for the series, runners must participate and finish in a minimum of 3-races. Points are accumulated and the male and the female with the most points are the Skyrunner ® UK & IRELAND Campions. It is possible to run all Skyrunner ® UK & IRELAND races and use your best 3 performances for the ranking.

Guaranteed entry for 2019

Please note, Skyrunner ® UK & IRELAND will try to guarantee (where possible) entry for those runners who commit to the series. For example, if you have an entry for Scafell Sky Race and and entry for Seven Sisters Skyline, we will facilitate entry for Mourne Skyline MTR (for example) so that you are guaranteed three races.

Skyrunner ® UK & IRELAND Prizes

▪Free entry into all Skyrunner ® UK & IRELAND races in the following year.

▪Guaranteed entry into a 2019 Sky Masters event (tbc)

Please see race websites for race dates and entry procedure

The season will start in the iconic English Lakes with the Scafell Sky Race on June 8th.

Technical single-track and scree make this a classic 40km skyrunning route to be reckoned with. The circular ‘newly designed’ route allows you to run from the iconic National Trust’s Stickle Barn over Lakeland Fells and through Lakeland Valleys, whilst you summit England’s highest mountain on route and traverse some of the most challenging trails in the central Lake District. 

“The Scafell Sky Race is the most technical race I’ve ever done … even tougher than Tromso! Emelie Forsberg would love it!”Lucy Bartholomew. 

With sections of scree and light scrambling thrown in, Scafell Sky Race is a serious test of nerve, skill and endurance. Mountain experience and moving solo across highly technical mountain terrain is an essential skill for this classic skyrunning race. 

The second race of the season also takes place in the English Lakes, Lakes Sky Ultra on July 13th. 

You’ll need a good head for heights and nerves of steel: you’re going to traverse three of the most amazing ridge-lines in the Lake District: Beda Fell, remote and sublime, the bone shaking and very wild ridge of Long Stile Edge and the very alpine and rocky scramble of Swirral Edge. We’re talking serious ascent with some distance thrown in, 60km of Lake District paths, trails and rock with 5’000m ascent. 

We packed all the best central and eastern-Lake District mountain running trails we know into this course: you’ll go up and over Place Fell, Beda Fell, High Street, Thornthwaite Crag, Stoney Cove Pike, St Raven’s Edge, Red Screes, Dove Crag, Hart Crag, Fairfield, Dollywagon Pike, Nethermost Pike, Helvellyn with some of the most remote valleys in the area dropped in for good measure. It’s an epic day out to say the least.

And just as you think you can make the whole distance, we’ve added some new KoM Super Stages in to spice it all up. This year we will be combining the times for a real up-hill extravaganza, so remember to train ‘hill reps’ galore. It’s a race within a race, and the prizes will go to the runners who can dig the deepest in the final flight to the finish. 

Ireland brings us a new race and experience for the ever-expanding calendar with the Seven Sisters Skyline on July 28th.

Dunlewey officially known by its Irish name Dun Luiche is a small Gaeltacht village in the Gweedore area of County Donegal, North West Ireland, now host to the Inaugural Seven Sisters Skyline. The Seven Sisters are the seven high peaks of the Derryveagh mountains. From southwest to northeast they are as follows, Errigal (751 m), Mackoght a.ka. Little Errigal (555 m), Aghla More (584 m), Ardloughnabrackbaddy (603 m),Aghla Beg (564 m), Crocknalaragagh (471 m)and Muckish (666 m).

The course is an out and back route which traverses 13 summits in total (Errigal once). The course is unique in that there are little or no tracks or paths, just wild open isolated mountains and hillsides. This stunning skyrunning race route incorporates technical sections on either side of the route at Muckish and Errigal mountains. 

Scrambling, ridge running, steep technical descents and ascents and a multitude of mixed terrain makes the 50km Seven Sisters Skyline with 4000m of vertical gain a great addition to the 2019 Skyrunner ® UK & IRELANDcalendar.

Our fourth race is another new addition to the calendar and we once again welcome Wales in the Skyrunner ® UK & IRELANDcalendar with the stunning Snowdon Skyline on September 14th.

The event where the sky isn’t the limit, it’s where the fun begins! Nestled in the quiet valley of Nant Gwynant in Snowdonia, Hafod y Llan farm will play host to the inaugural Snowdon Skyline.

The 40km Skyline Sky Race gets stuck straight into its 3600m+ right away by ascending the famous Snowdon Watkin path to then traverse the stunning Y Lliwedd ridge. After Pen y Pass road crossing, a second sizeable ascent to the gnarly terrain of the Glyders awaits, before plunging down the Y Gribin ridge to the Ogwen Valley.

The course offers little respite as it immediately ascends the iconic Tryfan via its sublime north ridge scramble, weaving upwards through rocky outcrops and gullies on route to the summit. A technical descent followed by some lovely undulating trails back to Pen y Pass and runners are nearly ready to finish this unrelenting figure of eight route. The jewel in the crown is a westbound traverse of the infamous Crib Goch ridge, followed by a delightful run off Snowdon summit via its south ridge. A sting in the tail comes in the form of the last summit of Y Garn, before a final descent home to Nant Gwynant.

With a course designed by a race director and skyrunner, the inaugural Snowdon Skyline will be sure to test all limits of a runner’s ability! A grand tour of some of the UK’s most scenic trails, ridges and scrambles, it’s a dead cert to become an international skyrunning classic…

The 2019 Skyrunner ® UK & IRELANDcalendar concludes with well-established and sell out race, the Mourne Skyline MTR – currently it has a scheduled date of October 19th (land permissions allowing tbc)

The Mourne Mountains are a granite mountain range in County Down in the south-east of Northern Ireland. Owned by the National Trust, an area of outstanding beauty, it includes Slieve Donard (850m), the highest mountain in Northern Ireland and Ulster and as such it provides a perfect location for a mountain race.

Among the more famous features, the Mourne Wall is a key element of this region and a key aspect of the race. Construction of the wall was started in 1904 and was completed in 1922; its purpose, to define the boundary of an area of land purchased by the Belfast Water Commission.

Comprised of forest path, fire roads, single track, granite trail and tough uneven broken fell, the race is a tough challenge. In just 35km the course has a brutal 3370m of ascent and no less than 9 peaks, the highest being Slieve Donard at 850m. 

The mountains of Northern Ireland may not have the height or elevation gain the Alps or Pyrenees offer, but what they lack in height is more than compensated for in technicality and repeated roller coaster climbing. Ask anyone who has run it, the Mourne Skyline MTR is no easy race.


To participate in the series, you will need to run at least three races on one year. If you run more, your best three results count.

Points will be awarded based on finishing position.

The Skyrunner ® UK & IRELAND series is combined of five races and to be the best-of-the-best, runners must take part in at least three races. Points are awarded based on results and the male and female runner with the most points will be crowned as the Skyrunner ® UK & IRELAND champion of 2019.

A Skyrunning World Ranking is a rolling 52-week ranking based on all the points awarded to the athletes from his/her participation in: Skyrunner® World Series races, Skyrunner National Series, Skyrunning World Championships and Skyrunning Continental Championships.

Importantly, from 2019, the Skyrunner® World Seriesseason will end with a Sky Masters race gathering only the best athletes who qualified over the season. SMSA offers to Skyrunner® National Series Skyrunner ® UK & IRELAND qualifying paths.

Ranking will be updated after each qualifying event.

To qualify for the overall series 3 results as a minimum are required. If you race more than 3 races within the calendar year, your 3 best results/ points qualify.

8 Responses to Calendar 2019

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  3. Robert Campbell says:

    Who was the UK and Ireland 2018 champion then? There appeared to be no news posted on this website in 2018, either in relation to race results or ranking point updates. The Ring of Steall 2019, Glen coe skyline and Ben nevis Ultra do not seem to appear in this race calendar – why is that?

    • Skyrunninguk says:

      There was no champion Robert in 2018 as the UK & Ireland calendar did not exist. However, we had a male and female champion, results were posted on the Skyrunning UK Facebook group. As for the Scottish events, they are not official Skyrunner UK & Ireland events for 2019 and they are not part of the Skyrunner World Series – so, they are not recognised and points will not be awarded in 2019 as part of any series. This was a decision by Shane Ohly to pull out of both SNS and SWS. As for 2018 posts, they were posted on as the skyrunning uk website was meant to move to a new server – this unfortunately did not happen and therefore for the foreseeable future, all Skyrunning UK and all Skyrunner UK & Ireland information will now be posted on ‘this’ website – hence the change recently.

  4. Robert Campbell says:

    It would be very helpful if you could clarify what benefits there are to a race being a recognised official Skyrunning UK and Ireland event? For those of us who are not likely (95% of us) to achieve a top 20 finish in any race and therefore accrue no ranking points over a season, on the surface there appears to be little interest or incentive. Perhaps Shane Ohly takes the view that his Scotland “skyrunning-inspired” events are strong enough to stand alone, without being part of a series or affiliated to a broader legislative organisation. Perhaps he is just tired of bureaucracy….

    • Skyrunninguk says:

      Dear Robert, it is ‘Skyrunner’ UK and Ireland and not skyrunning. It is an important clarification. In regard as to what the benefits are for a race to join the ‘Skyrunner UK & Ireland Series’ – this is something that is discussed with the race directors individually. If you are a race director and interested, please email Skyrunning UK and we can chat. Re Scotland – Important to remember that all the Glen Coe events were specifically created for ‘skyrunning’ and they are still accredited and acknowledged as ‘skyrunning’ races by the ISF (International Skyrunning Federation) they are just not part of the National or World Series and therefore points are not available – In regard as to why Shane decided not to be part of SNS or SWS, you should of course communicate with him. Important to note though that Salomon sponsor Shane’s Scottish race series and they have the ‘Golden Trails’ circuit – I am sure you have noticed that one of his races is Golden Trails….

  5. Robert Campbell says:

    Many thanks Ian, I am easily confused when the messages from you are posted from “skyrunninguk” on a website with Skyrunning Uk at the top of the page :). No doubt “Skyrunner” is a subtle but trademarked distinction, so all understood. Your clarifications help us all to plan our racing calendars for 2019, much appreciated.

  6. When will 2020 races and schedule be posted? I see some races are already open for entry.

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