Eirik Haugsness to run Lakes Sky Ultra


Eirik Haugsness, winner of the  inaugural Tromsø SkyRace will race the Lakes Sky Ultra in 2015.

Eirik took third place at the Mont Blanc Vertical KM in 2013, only 30 seconds behind the eventual winner. He then backed this up two days later with 5th spot in the Mont Blanc Marathon.


Speaking with race director, Andrew Burton, Eirik is really looking forward to returning to The Lake District, where he placed third at the Middlefell Race in March 2014. Eirik had this to say about the race on 12th September 2015:

“The True Mountain Lakes Sky Ultra™ course looks spectacular! It will be a real challenge for everyone taking part in the event. The route will be a real treat for runners in search for a way to test both their stamina and technical skills.”

Eirik, who comes from Finnsnes, Norway is no stranger to successful racing the mountains. He grew on cross-country skis and was regularly on the podium in his junior years. He won the Norwegian cross-country championships when he was only 16 years old. He has taken that skill and held a world record fastest time – for skiing across Greenland, unsupported. Enduring regular whiteouts, Eirik clearly has some mental steel that will see him pushing hard for the full 50 plus kilometres and 4300 metres of ascent on the True Mountain Lakes Sky Ultra™ race.


There is every chance that Eirik could take the ‘King of the Mountains’ section, a dash from Kirkstone Pass to the summit of Red Screes, following a lesser known line on the fully way-marked route. This race within a race will make for great spectator viewing, and with a typical British mountain refuge only a few yards away (a.k.a. The Kirkstone Pass Inn) there is sure to be great atmosphere and support for all of the competitors as they take on the final climb of the race.

Eirik is a down to earth guy, who says he ‘runs for adventure and to challenge my limits.’ But he has pedigree over distance and height gain. Technical terrain and knife-edge arêtes are where Eirik is most at home. With Striding Edge, Swirral Edge and Pinnacle Ridge being major obstacles in the race, this is sure to fall into Eirik’s hands. Es Tresidder and Ricky Lightfoot (both already entered) will both be eager to take the top spot on the podium. It’s going to be a great battle! The inaugural edition of the race is really starting to hot up now.




Lakes Sky Ultra social media:

Facebook: LakesSkyUltra

Twitter: @LakesSkyUltra

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They say all PR is good PR?

160 sign up for Highland mountain ‘death race’

Alistair Munro from the Scotsman.com knows all about a grabbing headline. It’s sad really that a journalist would not gather facts before writing an article.
What a sensationalist headline! Amazing how these things get blown out of proportion.
I provide accurate statistics from the ISF (International Skyrunning Federation) on 23-ryears of Skyrunning.
And I quote:
The total number of deaths in official international skyrunning races in
23 YEARS AND THOUSANDS OF RACES since 1992 is 7.
(or 6 if you don’t count the Malaysian veteran’s data).
ONE due to accident
Others due to heart failure
(i.e. People who should not be racing as they have a heart condition whether known or not).
Another reason to establish a compulsory medical certificate in all of our recognised races.
1 due to accident, Kima Trophy, Italy, 2005
1 case heart failure Pikes Peak Marathon, USA 2005
1 case  hypothermia Cavalls del Vent, Spain 2012
1 heart failure in Malaysia in the Veteran’s section (not our race) but the same event
(possibly shouldn’t be counted as Veteran categories are not in ISF ranking)
National races:
1 heart failure in Valtellina SkyRace, Italy 2011 (not during but after the race)
1 heart failure in the Tartufo Ultra marathon, Italy 2013
1 heart failure in Maratona del Cielo, Italy 2014
*By heart failure we mean pathologic condition where the heart can’t pump enough blood to
satisfy the requirements of the tissues during stress – i.e. In a race. Of course an autopsy can
confirm this pre-existing condition.
And to clarify this, we have had deaths at London Marathon and even 4-deaths in one half
marathon road race, the Great North Run:
What many don’t acknowledge is that Skyrunning appeals to and is a sport for qualified and
experienced runners. The Glen Coe Skyline even has a vetting procedure; you can’t ‘just’
enter this race.
Lets get rid of the sensationalist tacky ‘death’ headlines and look at the real facts.
Ian Corless – Skyrunning UK
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Skyrunning World & European champion to run Salomon Glen Coe Skyline


Skyrunning UK and the Salomon Glen Coe Skyline is pleased to announce that Emelie Forsberg (Salomon International), world renowned Skyrunning™ World Champion (ultra) and recently crowned Skyrunning™ European Champion (ultra) will run the inaugural Salomon Glen Coe Skyline race in August 2015.

Emelie needs no introduction to trail, mountain and Skyrunners all over the world. Her rise in the sport has been meteoric! In 2012, from nowhere, Emelie arrived on the start line of Zegama-Aizkorri and although she didn’t win, the stage was set.


What followed has been an incredible and awe inspiring display of strength, skill and endurance and all with an amazing smile! Emelie’s love and passion for running is clear and with every step, she personifies all that is good in the sport. To that end, Skyrunning UK and the Salomon Glen Coe Skyline can think of no better ambassador to run the first edition of what will become an iconic race.


The Salomon Glen Coe Skyline is no easy race though. It’s a technical and challenging mountain race that has inherent risk and danger. It’s important to remember that Skyrunning is not a risk adverse sport! However, the Salomon Glen Coe Skyline does push boundaries and as such, race director Shane Ohly has enforced strict entry criteria for those who wish to run the 45.6km course that has 4139m of ascent.

Emelie’s presence at the race affirms that the course on offer will be a true test:

‘I love the mountains and I love technical courses. This route looks amazing and a challenge. Ridge running and scrambling; I can’t wait!’ said Emelie after finishing 4th at the Dolomites SkyRace.


‘I have had a very busy calendar recently, I raced Mount Marathon in Alaska and won with a course record. The following week I did a VK and then won the Ice Trail Tarentaise for the 3rd consecutive time (a victory that gave Emelie the Skyrunning™ European Champion title) and then this weekend I did a VK and the Dolomites SkyRace. I need a little rest now but I am so looking forward to Scotland and this incredible course.’

Shane Ohly from Ourea Events is the man, along with Gary Tompsett who has conjured up this incredible challenging course:

‘It is an honor that Emelie has decided to race at the inaugural Salomon Glen Coe Skyline and I am delighted that this world class Skyrunning course we have conceived has attracted a Skyrunning World and European Champion. This will also be very exciting for the local competitors and I know that everyone involved with the race is fascinated to see how all of the competitors measure up against such a challenging course.’

©iancorless.com_GlenCoeMay2015-6238 ‘We are not creating another mass participation fell or trail running event, but rather a world class Skyrunning course for experienced and competent participants. The Glen Coe Skyline is a fusion of mountain running and alpinism where competitors need to be skilled at both disciplines to negotiate the course.’

Ian Corless, director for Skyrunning UK and media partner for the International Skyrunning Federation introduced Skyrunning to the UK in 2014:

‘From day one my aim and desire has been driven in providing UK runners challenging courses that would give them an insight into what is available in Europe. However, with careful planning and some great work with quality race directors, we are slowly but surely building a series of races that can offer a challenge to anyone! This was proven in 2014 when Stevie Kremer raced the Mourne Skyline MTR. Emelie’s presence in Scotland later this year is a dream come true but it’s only the beginning. I had a plan that in 3 years we would bring a host of world class talent to the UK to race and I can now see that coming to fruition, it’s a really exciting time.’

The mountains provide a wonderful natural playground, the 2015 edition of the Salomon Glen Coe Skyline is going to be a spectacle like no other race that has taken place within the UK.


‘We are fully aware that this race is not for everyone,’ said Corless. ‘However, just like the top European races we want to invite people to come and join us for the weekend. We want a party, a celebration of running and in the process Shane has in place opportunities to go into the mountains with guides and experience the race as spectators but in a safe way. This is going to be very special!’

The future of Skyrunning in the UK is very exciting and Ohly sums it up when he says:

‘I sincerely hope that aspirational races like the Salomon Glen Coe Skyline will contribute to the growth of the sport both in terms of participation and general awareness within the wider running and outdoor community. I would love to see the same kind of community engagement and atmosphere at UK SkyRace as I have personally experienced at European skyRaces like Zegama. Certainly this my goal for the Salomon Glen Coe Skyline and we will be working hard to achieve this.’

©iancorless.com_Transvulcania2015-8259 Put the dates in your diary:  Friday August 21st to Sunday 23rd 2015

Race Day is August 22nd

all images ©iancorless.com – all rights reserved.

Skyrunning UK can be found at www.skyrunninguk.com

The Salomon Glen Coe Skyline can be found at www.glencoeskyline.com


Ian Corless – iancorless@skyrunninguk.co.uk

Shane Ohly – shaneohly@oureaevents.com

Skyrunning UK is sponsored by

Raidlight Logo

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Chris Baynham-Hughes to join Skyrunning UK


Skyrunning UK is pleased to announce that Chris Baynham-Hughes is joining the support and admin side of our sport to facilitate race coverage, reporting and representation at events within the UK.

Many of you may well know Chris as he is a prolific racer. In 2014 he participated in the V3K and 3×3 and he is an ever present at challenging navigation and mountain events worldwide.

Chris will attend the Peak SkyRace in August so please look out for him and if you have any questions or need any help, he will be the man to ask along with race directors and helpers. (Look for a guy wearing a blue Skyrunning UK shirt)

Welcome on board Chris.

Many thanks, Ian

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Es Tresidder to race True Mountain Lakes Sky Ultra™


Es Tresidder has confirmed his intention to race at the inaugural True Mountain Lakes Sky Ultra™. Speaking with Charles Sproson, Race Director and course planner, Es said:

“The True Mountain Lakes Sky Ultra™ takes in some of the best and most challenging terrain that the Lake District has to offer. After doing a few amazing SkyRaces elsewhere in Europe, I’m really excited to see this sort of ultra-race, incorporating rough and technical ground, come to England.”

Tresidder has long been a strong mover in the mountains, having grown up in a mountaineering family. At the tender age of 16, Tresidder turned up in Snowdonia and bashed out a cracking time round the Snowdon Horseshoe of 1:41. This laid the foundations for Es to push his boundaries and over the years he has put in some incredible performances in the mountains.

Finally, in 2009, Es had the opportunity to fully test his mettle on the Snowdon Horseshoe. Coupled with good luck from the weather gods and with running conditions just right, he laid down an FKT, taking in the summits of Crib Goch, Crib Y Ddysgl, Snowdon, Lliwedd W Summit and Lliwedd E summit returning to Pen Y Pass. The time: 1:25.08. It’s a time to stands to this day.

A few years previously, on Saturday 5th May 2007, Es had spent the previous evening bivvying out on the Cuillin Ridge. A week earlier he had put in an attempt on the record, but in the heat of the midday sun had struggled for enough water. This time he had a water bag taken up to the Inaccessible Pinnacle, and with an earlier start to the day, Es was hoping to avoid the worst of the sunshine. Dawn broke, and Es found himself high above a temperature inversion. A perfect day to be on the Cuillin Ridge, never mind what he was about to attempt.

“The day turned out to be one of the most spectacular I’ve ever seen. The valley was slowly enveloped in a sea of mist, leaving the ridge the only thing floating above in the sunshine. It was like running in heaven,”

Es had completed his traverse in a time of 3:17.

After several years completing a Doctorate in Environmental Architecture, and with being based in Belgium, the mountains have been a little far away for Tresidder. However, the 2014 summer season was about re-finding his form. Es scored 8th place at the Matterhorn Ultraks 46k, and 9th at the Giir Di Mont. Not too shabby in a come-back year. His goals for 2015 include the Scottish Island Peaks Race (Es’s team, sailing on ‘Obedient’ took top honours), Giir Di Mont, Glencoe Skyline, Els2900, and of course the True Mountain Lakes Sky Ultra™.


12th September 2015. Starting in Ambleside it covers +50km with 4300m of ascent. Aimed at mountain runners with scrambling experience the race looks set to be a great addition to the UK SkyRunning series. Entry is £70.


Lakes Sky Ultra social media:

Facebook: LakesSkyUltra

Twitter: @LakesSkyUltra


Race Directors’ Contacts:

Charlie Sproson 07989697487 @mountain_run

Andrew Burton 07880331559 @denefell


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Training Weekend – Lakes Sky Ultra

lakes sky ultra 3logo

The True Mountain Lakes Sky Ultra™ training weekend is for those people who want to enter the event, but feel they haven’t enough scrambling experience. Come & gain the necessary skill set with Mountain Run so you can add scrambling experience to your race repertoire & be able to either enter the race this year or confidently know you can enter next year after a year spent building on the experience you gain on the course.

True Mountain Lakes Sky Ultra™ are pleased to announce details of a mountain skills training weekend to take place on 1st & 2nd August 2015. The weekend is designed to give folk additional mountain skills and confidence away from obvious trails and paths, whilst also acting as a reconnaissance of the graded scrambles on the True Mountain Lakes Sky Ultra™ course.

The course will be hosted by Mountain Run, headed up by Charles Sproson (RD and Lakes Sky Ultra™ planner) with his many years of experience in the mountains, from leading navigation courses to climbing up to grade E3 summer & Grade VI winter.

Saturday will focus on skills and looking at moving safely on steep ground. Uphill and downhill running techniques will be covered. There will also be a chance to familiarise with the course markings that will be employed on the race and there will be some time spent on navigation for runners. There will be an opportunity to review the activities of the day which will be followed by an informal talk from Team Nutrition (partners of the race and suppliers of the feed stations).

Sunday will start with a quick recap of Saturday and then a guided run over the main sections of the North-West corner of the True Mountain Lakes Sky Ultra™ course. We expect to be on the fell for around 6 hours and will cross Striding Edge, Swirral Edge and ascend Pinnacle Ridge. The day will finish with a brief recap and an individual review of each individual’s abilities on exposed ground.

lakes sky ultra 5logo

Costs & Accommodation:

The cost of the course will be only £120. The cost of the course will be only £120. In order to book your place on the course, enter on SPORTident Entries.

You will need to book your own accommodation and bring your own food. YHA Helvellyn currently have single beds available at £23 but there are numerous B&B’s, campsites and hostels in and around Glenridding.



Arrive Friday evening or by Saturday morning 8:30.

Saturday 1st August 2015

9:00 Meet/Greet and explain the plans for the weekend.

10:00 – 16:00 On the fell. We will be on the fell, working on skills so warm clothing will be the order of the day as opposed to single layer running clothes. You will also require your own food for the day. We will cover the following topics during the day:

  • Confidence on rough ground.
  • Safety on steep ground.
  • Navigation for runners (basic) geared around ability to self-rescue and navigate off the course by non-marked routes.
  • Uphill & Downhill running techniques.
  • Appropriate spare/emergency clothing.
  • Course markings.
  • Sound Mountain Judgement

16:00 – 18:00 Review of the Day

  • Q&A
  • Mountain Running Kit selection
  • Training
  • Nutrition 

20:00 – 21:00/21:30 Evening talk or film


Sunday 2nd August 2015

8:30 – 14:30ish: 6ish hour guided run to include race route along Striding Edge, descent off Nethermost Pike, ascent of Pinnacle Ridge, then joining St Sunday Crag to Grisedale Tarn, before rejoining the race route onto the Helvellyn massif, descent off Swirral Edge and the N-W ridge of Catstycam, followed by a trot back to Greenside/Helvellyn YHA.

14:00/15:00ish Finish and depart


You will need your usual mountain running gear, including aggressive soled footwear. However the following kit list will be requisite for the course:

  • Waterproof jacket & trousers
  • Spare L/S base layer, Primaloft layer or similar (NO COTTON).
  • Hat, Buff or similar.
  • Head Torch.
  • Survival Bag.
  • Hill food for both days.
  • Map & Compass – Harvey’s Lake District 1:40000.
  • Race Vest/Small Pack to put it all in.

Please be aware we might not be moving very quickly at some points during the day, please account for this in your clothing selection & check the weather a few days before. We know its August, but this year does seem to be colder than previous years.

Race Directors’ Contacts:

Charlie Sproson 07989697487 @mountain_run

Andrew Burton 07880331559 @denefell


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New Entry Criteria for True Mountain Lakes Sky Ultra


Following feedback and discussions with our Chief Safety Officer, the Race Directors at True Mountain Lakes Sky Ultra have decided that we will add a fixed rope, for the duration of the race, to Pinnacle Ridge. This is not to diminish from the nature of the challenge, nor is it to make it more appealing to those without the ability to cope with exposed mountain terrain. We want to ensure that everyone who has entered the race, enjoys their time on the course and can come away with a huge smile on their face at the finish line. Experienced rock climbers and scramblers will still be able to get plenty of hand on rock action.

The rope is not intended to be a climbing aid, but a confidence feature, a hand-rail if you like. Having guided a number of folk over Pinnacle Ridge in recent months, some in glorious sunshine, some in full on winter blizzards, feedback is such that we believe this feature will enhance racer’s experience out on the True Mountain Lakes Sky Ultra course, especially after the thrills of Swirral Edge, Striding Edge and the descent off Nethermost Pike.

The race directors have also decided to drop the minimum number of completions of races from five completions within three years to one race or mountain run within the last three years. We have had enquiries from people who clearly have the desire to put in the work to be able to complete the course, and this change is to reflect that. The new criteria is as follows: ‘We require you to detail your experience on severe mountain races – we expect aspirant runners to have completed ONE MOUNTAIN RACE OR MOUNTAIN RUN within the last three years, OF A SIMILAR SEVERITY TO LAKES SKY ULTRA with a minimum distance covered of 30miles/50km’ Obvious examples of the sort of running experience that will pass through the pre-selection entry process are Lakeland50/100, Keswick Mountain Festival 50km; 3×3000 80km, Vegan3000, Peaks SkyRace.


The need to demonstrate your scrambling experience and ability remains in place. However, to give potential applicants an idea as to what would be accepted, crossing ridgelines such as Crib Goch, Striding Edge will be looked upon favourably so long as the entrant can demonstrate to the race directors that they are comfortable and competent on exposed terrain.

If you are keen to run in the 2015 edition of the race but unsure of your experience, please contact the race directors on enquiries@lakesskyultra.uk. If you have what it takes, then why delay, enter here!

True Mountain Lakes Sky Ultra is part of the UK SkyRunning Series with the race taking place on 12th September 2015. Starting in Ambleside it covers 50km with 4300m of ascent. Aimed at mountain runners with scrambling experience the race looks set to be a great addition to the UK SkyRunning series. Entry is £70.


Lakes Sky Ultra social media:

Facebook: LakesSkyUltra

Twitter: @LakesSkyUltra


Race Directors Contacts:

Charlie Sproson 07989697487 @mountain_run

Andrew Burton 07880331559 @denefell


Images © PuraPowr Limited.

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